One of the best exercises I have ever done are burpees.  There are many different variations of the burpee; burpee with a pushup, burpee without a pushup, burpee over a barbell, burpee over a box and burpee with a pull up to name a few.  One of the great things about burpees is that you can change them up in so many ways.  My favorite variation is the burpee with a pushup.

The burpee is one of the few exercises that combines strength training and cardiovascular training into one.  With this one exercise you can work your entire body. You will strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, back, core and legs all while giving your lungs and heart a great workout.  Burpees do this by combining a squat, squat thrust and a pushup into one exercise.

But while burpees are a great exercise which has a lot of benefits they are also horrible while you’re doing them!  They will quickly get you breathing heavy, sweating profusely and make your muscles feel like they are jelly!  When I’m doing them I always start off feeling like I can do them forever but quickly that goes away and I start questioning why I ever wanted to do them.  In that way burpees also help train your mind.  Often your mind has to fight with your body to keep going.  It quickly becomes a battle of wills.  After I’m done I always feel fatigued but happy I did them as I know they are making me fitter and healthier.



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