Update #6

This month’s update of my one rep max progress was better than last month.  I worked on my technique and tightened up my form and was able to improve.

  1. Trap Bar Dead-lift – one rep max is up 10 pounds and now stands at 290 lbs.  I have been struggling lately with terribly sore knees and pain in my lower back.  I know there are many things contributing to these including having little cartilage and no ACL in my left knee as well as arthritis in both knees.  I also have a history of back issues.  But I realized last month that the Trap Bar Dead-lift is putting extra stress on my knees which is causing me to use bad form contributing to my back issues.  I shortened the range of motion last month by lifting off some scrap wood and noticed the pain in my knees was greatly reduced.  I will be constructing some blocks to lift off of soon because I think without this I would have to abandon this lift.  I will write more about this in the future.
  2. Floor Press – one rep max still at 185 lbs.  I did manage to lift 185 but failed at 190.  It felt harder this month than last; my form was not very good.
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat – one rep max at two 52.5 dumbbells plus 20 lb weighted vest plus a five-pound wrist weight on each wrist.  Since I surpassed my original goal, I decided to stay put with this one.  It was tough, but I felt that I could have done more.
  4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – one rep max now at two 52.5 lb dumbbells plus a two pound wrist weight on each wrist.  I worked on my form and technique this past month and I am cautiously optimistic that I am on the right course.  I have thought that in the past with this lift so we shall see.

It felt good to make some progress this month.  I am pleased that I was able to identify some issues, make adjustments and get back on track.  I plan to write about some of these adjustments in the near future.

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