Update #5

I have not posted in a while, but plan on reporting updates more often.  My latest update of my one rep max progress was not good.  I struggled this past month:

  1. Trap Bar Dead-lift – one rep max is still at 280 lbs.  I had a terrible mental block this month on this lift.  I was unable to increase my max and in fact failed on each attempt to hit 280 again.
  2. Floor Press – one rep max still at 185 lbs.  I did manage to lift 185 but failed at 190.
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat – one rep max at two 52.5 dumbbells plus 20 lb weighted vest plus a five-pound wrist weight on each wrist.  This is the only lift I succeeded in increasing.  This has been my least favorite lift during this experiment, but it has been my most successful.
  4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – one rep max still at two 52.5 lb dumbbells.  This lift continues to be a disappointment.   I failed again on the 52.5 lb dumbbells this month.

This was definitely my least successful testing month.  I have been pushing hard all year to increase my strength and conditioning but a lot of things all came to a head last month.  I have not been doing very well with my recovery/sleep.  The last few months I have been going to bed much too late and struggling to wake up on time to train.  This has caused me to cut workouts short, postpone workouts and not be able to give my all.  I have also not been doing as well as I should with nutrition.  During the holidays both of these factors were ramped up quite a bit more.  On top of that I have been struggling with a cold the last few weeks that does not want to go away.  I am hopeful now that the cold seems to be winding down and the holidays are over I will be able to get back on track with all aspects of my training.  I am being cautious however as I have been noticing increased joint pain in my knees, back and shoulder.  These are all traditional trouble spots for me and I am concerned that too much low rep lifting could be the culprit.  I will give it another month on the current plan but if these issues continue I will be looking to alter my goals and training plan.  It is not worth pushing towards these goals if they are causing harm.  We’ll see how the next few weeks go.  Stay tuned…

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