Rest week

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break and or back off a bit.  Sometimes those breaks/back off weeks are planned.  Sometimes they are not.

A couple of weeks ago I had a back off week planned.  Typically I have been still lifting and doing my conditioning on those weeks.  But I normally lift much lighter and reduce the sets.  I work on form and conditioning.  During this back off week I didn’t lift at all and it wasn’t in the plan at all.

I missed the first day of the because we were away.  No problem, I figured I would just pick it up on Tuesday.  But Tuesday I slept in and woke up with a sore back.  Wednesday arrived and I got in some conditioning.  I slept in again though and only did half of what I was planning.  I got some extra conditioning in that evening though at my son’s soccer practice (I am one of the coaches).  Thursday I got in another conditioning workout but Friday and Saturday were off days.

In the past I would have been very upset that I didn’t get my workouts in.  But I realized that sometimes you need those weeks.  Sometimes your body is trying to tell you to slow down and rest.  I am quite certain mine was telling me that.  I suffered that week through some back issues, late nights and headaches.

After a week of backing off on my workouts, chiropractic adjustments and rest I was able to get back to my normal workouts last week and am feeling better.  An important lesson to always remember is to listen to your body.  It will help you in the long run.

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