Disappointment in the Shoulder Press

Last week I saw an increase in three of the four lifts I am currently working on.  As detailed in my previous blog post the trap bar dead-lift went up by 10 pounds, floor press went up by 5 pounds and the Bulgarian split squat went up by 2.5 pounds.

Unfortunately that streak ended last Friday when I did the dumbbell shoulder press.  Last month I worked up to 50 pounds and hoped to move up to 52.5 pounds.  That did not happen.  I started with 40 pounds, moved up to 45 pounds for my next two sets and then got ready to match last months 50 pounds.  As I got the dumbbells into position and attempted the lift it became obvious quickly that it wasn’t going to happen.  The weights moved up about half way and then came right back down.  I was angry and disappointed but knew there was no need to try again.  It just wasn’t there on this day.

Sometimes in weight lifting this is how it goes.  It is important to know when you have it and when you don’t and on this day I didn’t have it.  I opted to regroup and try again next month.  It isn’t worth pushing too hard and ending up injured.

It was a tough way to end what had been a successful week of lifting.  But I know my limitations and knew it wasn’t worth getting hurt.  I’m happy about the success I had last week and although disappointed I couldn’t even match my previous personal best, let alone improve it, am pleased with my overall progress.

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