Trap Bar Dead-lift 8-27-18

Today was Trap Bar Dead-lift(TBDL) day.  I chose to do this lift this past winter after yet another lower back injury.  I have found it to be much easier on my lower back but seems to be a bit difficult on my knees so I am still evaluating my long term commitment to it.

In March when I started to get serious with lifting my 1 rep max for the TBDL was 230 pounds.  Since then I had worked up to 250 lbs last month.  This morning I was maxing out again and hoping to hit 260 but I was less than confident.

I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night and didn’t get to bed as early as I would have liked last night.  I slept in this morning and felt a bit rushed.  As I was progressing this morning 200 lbs felt easy, 220 lbs felt heavy but 235 felt good.  I added weight to 250 in hopes of matching last month before hopefully going for more.

As I lifted the bar off the floor it seemed very heavy and in fact I didn’t think I would manage the 250 lb lift I had achieved last month.  I did complete the lift and after resting a moment I decided to add more to the bar in spite of my struggle.  When I began to take the weights off the bar I realized that it felt heavy because I had mistakenly put 260 on the bar instead of 250!

After that realization I felt much better about my workout and was very excited to have made a 10 lb jump.  I’m slowly getting stronger and more fit and inching towards my goals.

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