My first blog post

A little about me and the reason behind this blog.  I have been working out in one form or another for the majority of my life.  For the most part it has been at home, although I did work out at a local commercial gym for a while during high school and at my college’s gym during my junior and senior years.  I have tried Soloflex, Bowflex and Total Gym.  In fact, I still own a Bowflex and a Total Gym.  I’ve tried Tae Bo, Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension workout, running, weightlifting, HIT, bodybuilding programs etc.  I’ve never been able to quite put it all together for some reason.  Currently I am training in my ever evolving garage gym and I love it.  I very much am enjoying having a garage gym.

Recently I explored the reasons behind why I am working out.  I decided the most important reason quite simply and the only one that really matters at this time in my life is to be around for a long time and be able to take care of my family. (I am 45 years old and my youngest child is 1.)  Once I determined the why I thought it would be wise to come up with some goals and I came up with the following list:

  1. To be as strong as I can be.  Since I have been doing predominantly body-weight exercises for a long time, I felt my strength could use improvement.  I switched from body-weight and Bowflex to all free weights for my strength exercises.  I have picked some core strength exercises and set goals.  (I will write more about those later.)
  2. To be as fit and well conditioned as I can be.  This one I feel is a bit vague so I have decided to use the Crossfit workout Murph as my measuring stick.  I have never done this workout as prescribed but have set my goal to perform it as prescribed next Memorial Day weekend and to hopefully have a somewhat respectable time.

Now for the reason behind the blog.  It’s simple, accountability.  I wanted to put myself out there a little bit with the intention of it providing me with motivation to not skip workouts, to give all I have during my workouts and to hopefully improve my diet and do better with my sleep.  I tend to burn the candle at both ends which is what I am doing right now while I type this blog.

I have a few things working  against me such as a large family (with two under three years old sleep sometimes is a battle), bad knees and a bad back to name a few.  But these are small issues which I feel can become no issue with a little bit of planning and discipline.

Thanks for joining me on my journey to getting as fit as I can.

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